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Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Wiedmann

Room: 352, Building 1501
Phone:+ 49 (0) 511 762-3084
Fax:+ 49 (0) 511 762-3142
Consultation Hours:by arrangement

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Dr. Klaus-Peter Wiedmann is a Full Chaired Professor of Marketing and Management and the Director of the Institute of Marketing and Management at the Leibniz University Hannover, Germany. He is also the German Representative of the Reputation Institute, New York et al., Deputy Chair of the Academy of Global Business Advancement (AGBA), and as a Visiting Professor at the Henley Business School faculty member of the University of Reading, UK. Moreover Professor Wiedmann has many years of experience as a management consultant and top management coach, and takes a leading position in different business organizations as well as public private partnerships -  e.g. Chairman of the BDTEU-TIDAF (Union of European Turkish Entrepreneurs) and Chairman of WOB AG (No.1 Agency for B2B Brand Management in Germany).

Main subjects of research and teaching as well as consulting are: Societal Marketing, Strategic Marketing, International Marketing, Innovation & Technology Marketing, Brand & Reputation Management, Corporate Identity, Corporate Culture & Change Management, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research & Controlling, Online & Mobile Marketing. In these fields Professor Wiedmann as realized numerous research and consulting projects which also helped to publish widely with over 600 academic publications. Some of the publications received an award from important international organizations such as the American Marketing Association. Moreover Professor Wiedmann has been appointed as Editorial Board Member of five international journals as well as one of the Chapter Editors of a publication project which brings together around 900 scholars from over 90 countries to develop a knowledge platform for management students consisting of a traditional text book as well as numerous materials delivered via internet.